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Rainbow Loom

on June 26, 2013

Rainbow Loom® ,originally known as Twistz Bandz ,is a new way for kids to make rings, bracelets, and anklets out of rubber bands! When you buy your rainbow loom kit you will get a template, 600 latex free rubber bands, 24 C clips, a hook, and and instruction pamphlet. The first bracelet that you should start out with is the single. There are lots of different styles that you can make including Zippy Chain, Triple, and Fishtail!
Click here for more information

A couple weeks ago my mother bought me one of these kits, and I became addicted with it! Once I had used up all the rubber bands from the starter kit, we had to buy refills of rubber bands. After looking online we found that the best place to get them from was Learning Express or directly from Ranbow Loom’s website. People online were selling these packages for $10 or more while Learning express had them in stock for $2.99!

I think that making Rainbow Loom is a fun and easy way to make jewelry. I also think it is a great thing to take to sleep overs and to do with friends! It’s a great way to pass time when your on a road trip.



These are some of the things I’ve made!


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